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5 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Writers Are Using Narrative Technique For Exposure


Writing gives the opportunity to people to express themselves regardless of the fact if it’s in the journal, diary or some other place. There are various writing styles that a writer uses for making their writing more appealing to the user. A particular writing technique focused here is a narrative technique which writers adopt for exposure. Three factors that this technique uses include simplicity, accessibility, and directness. It means putting across the world you see in front of the reader.


Forms immediate connection

Mostly writer uses narration in the first person perspective when writing. This forms an immediate connection with the reader as the voice is used as their own. It helps in better understanding of the characters and gives a strong start to the story. A reader can better imagine the scene and experience the situation when the narrative style is used.


Triggers readers multiple senses

Another reason why writers adopt this technique is that it triggers the sense of the reader. The reader gets to experience the situations. It gives the power to the writer to make the reader sense, feel, smell and taste by immersing him in the story.


Evokes strong emotions

A writer by using this technique evokes reader’s emotions. They create situation and moments that allow emotions to set in. Inducing every detail writers can make the reader wince and recoil, make him laugh, angry, determined and so on. This technique keeps the reader engrossed in the story which builds his curiosity to what more is to come.


Usability in different genre

The narrative technique allows writers the advantage to using it in any fiction or non-fictional story. This style exposes writer’s information by effectively communicating a story, the characters, the conflicts raised and the setting that is being followed. Its capacity to be used at any length also makes it more preferable.


Less research

Writers also adopt this technique because of the freedom it offers in terms of research in contrast to other writing styles. In the narrative technique, writers depict a scenario as he sees it without having to provide details for its verification. It allows to the writer to select any direction or setting they want and let the reader delve deep into the story.


Writing is a phenomenon task. It not only helps in exploring oneself but can also lend a hand in earning a livelihood.  By being a part of custom essay writing service we can effectively utilize our writing skills and further polish them to produce a better piece of writing.